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ASL023 - Saturnia Library - Nord Stage 3

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SKU: ASL023-ns3

Added by Anthony

A collection created for all users who need from synth to orchestral sounds, from piano to strings of excellent quality and versatility... 50 new programs for your Nord Stage 3 !!!
Programmed by Anthony Panebianco.

"This Nord library is a collection of programs and samples organized in separate bundles"  


Patches List:
Analog Tears 80
Att Double Flute
Beat it Fairligh (M. Jackson Superstar Patch)
Bells and Fstrin
Brick Floyd Org (Pink Floyd Superstar Patch)
Cellotron Power
Denmark NuSoulEp
Drop Shadows
Dx Memories
Emirates Taste
Epic French Horn
Europe Countdown (Europe Superstar Patch)
Funky Party Morp
Gimme SynthFlute (Abba Superstar Patch)
Glide Square Mug
Gorgeous Strings
Harps from World
Its my Life Jovi (Bon Jovi Superstar Patch)
Keep On SynPiano
Messy Mono Glide
Money Wurly (Pink Floyd Superstar Patch)
Morph BellPizz
Morph Choir
Morph Dance 70
Morph Miss You
Morph Pianissimo
Morph Piano Rhod
Morph PizzString
Morph Uncle Bob
Morph WomanChoir
Must Party Poly
Philarmonik Med
Philarmonik Slow
Pink is Flying (Pink Floyd Superstar Patch)
Pipe and Philarm
Pizzicato Delay
Rock you Hit (Queen Superstar Patch)
Sailor Stars
Strings Brasses
Survive Strings
Swedish Atmosphr
Sweet Maria Strg
Thinking Derek (Dream Theater Superstar Patch)
Time Rhodes (Pink Floyd Superstar Patch)
Timpani Strings
Vortex EPiano
Whitebread Pad
Wizard Rules (Dream Theater Superstar Patch)
Wolf Hush Purple (Deep Purple Superstar Patch)
World Plucked

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