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ASL018 - SuperStar Collection V3 - Nord Stage 3

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SKU: ASL018-ns3

Added by Anthony

A collection created for all users who need a selection of various famous sounds of excellent quality and versatility... 29 new programs for your Nord Stage 3 !!!
Programmed by Anthony Panebianco.

"This Nord library is a collection of programs and samples organized in separate bundles"  


Patches List:
Africa Solo (Super Star Patch - Toto)
Amoruso Rhodes (Super Star Patch - Pino Daniele)
Beat it Fairligh (Super Star Patch - M. Jackson)
BlackMagicWoman (Super Star Patch - Santana)
Brick Floyd Org (Super Star Patch - Pink Floyd)
Dco Piano 3 (Super Star Patch - Europe)
Egyptology (Super Star Patch - )
Elp Tribute (Super Star Patch - ELP)
Europe Countdown (Super Star Patch - Europe)
Gimme SynthFlute (Super Star Patch - Abba)
Ground ClavyStab (Super Star Patch - Stevie Wonder)
Here I Go Again (Super Star Patch - Abba)
In the Mirror (Super Star Patch - M. Jackson)
Its my Life Jovi (Super Star Patch - Bon Jovi)
Lord in Child (Super Star Patch - Deep Purple)
Money Wurly (Super Star Patch - Pink Floyd)
One Solution (Super Star Patch - Queen)
Pink is Flying (Super Star Patch - Pink Floyd)
Rock you Hit (Super Star Patch - Queen)
Seven Days (Super Star Patch - Sting)
Soft Poly Brass (Super Star Patch - Toto)
StevieAutoClavy (Super Star Patch - Stevie Wonder)
Tarkus Taste (Super Star Patch - ELP)
The Angels Pad (Super Star Patch - Vasco Rossi)
Thinking Derek (Super Star Patch - Derek Sherinian - Dream Theater)
Time Rhodes (Super Star Patch - Pink Floyd)
Wake Me SuperSaw (Super Star Patch - Aviici)
Wizard Rules (Super Star Patch - Dream Theater)
Wolf Hush Purple (Super Star Patch - Deep Purple)

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