ASL012 - SuperStar Collection V2 - Nord Electro 6 Series

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Added by Anthony 

A collection created for all users who need a selection of various famous sounds of excellent quality and versatility... 20 new programs for your Nord Electro 6 Series !!!
Programmed by Anthony Panebianco.

"This Nord library is a collection of programs and samples organized in separate bundles"  


Patches List:
Africa Analog (Superstar Patches - TOTO)
Africa Solo (Superstar Patches - TOTO)
Amoruso Rhodes (Superstar Patches - PINO DANIELE)
Big Rhodes Stage (Superstar Patches - EAGLES)
Blacked Magic (Superstar Patches - SANTANA)
Clock in Time (Superstar Patches - PINK FLOYD)
Helicopter Pink (Superstar Patches - PINK FLOYD)
Espinado Split (Superstar Patches - SANTANA)
Ground ClavBrass (Superstar Patches - STEVIE WONDER)
Here I Go Again (Superstar Patches - ABBA)
Hoedown ELP (Superstar Patches - ELP)
Hybrid Piano 80 (Superstar Patches - EUROPE)
In the Mirror (Superstar Patches - M.JACKSON)
In the Wall (Superstar Patches - PINK FLOYD)
Just One Solution (Superstar Patches - QUEEN)
Lord in Child (Superstar Patches - DEEP PURPLE)
Pay the Bill Now (Superstar Patches - PINK FLOYD)
Stevie Autowah Clav (Superstar Patches - STEVIE WONDER)
Tarkus Organ (Superstar Patches - ELP)
The Angel Dx Pad (Superstar Patches - VASCO ROSSI)

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