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ASL005 - Red Giant XL / Bundle Pack Vol 1&2 - Nord Stage 3

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SKU: ASL005-ns3

Added by Anthony

Custom Sound Library for Nord Stage 3 programmed and played by Anthony Panebianco.

Red Giant Library is created for every keyboard player who needs great high quality sound under his fingertips; the library explores about 3 decade of synthesis.

Bundle Pack: Red Giant Library Volume 1 + Red Giant Library Volume 2= 84 new Programs !!!

Patches List: ( 84 Programs )
80s Poly SuperSaw
Mushroom 90 Keys
Funky Revolution
Funk Session
Master Stack
Morpheo Pad
Be or not Be
Analog Osc Poly
ELP Tribute (Superstar Patches - Keith Emerson)
Seven Days (Superstar Patches - Sting)
Giant Bells
Magician Stack
St Micheal Church
Legendary Poly
Complex Stack
Fast Marcato St
Analog Hand
Skinny Strings
Tarkus Taste (Superstar Patches - Keith Emerson)
PowerLayer Saw
Nostalgia Pad
Fernet Organ
Ground ClavyStab (Superstar Patches - Stevie Wonder)
Here I Go Again (Superstar Patches - Abba)
NewAge Wurly Pad
One Solution (Superstar Patches - Queen)
Detuned SynFlute
Full Choir Vox
Perfect PianoPad
Lord in Child (Superstar Patches - Deep Purple)
Stevie Duck
Gospel Strings
GodFather Sicily
Ethnic Mood
Shankar Dreams
Sphere Bells
Acid Filter Solo
Japan SynPiano
Gospel Soprano
Flanger Analog
Head Hunter
In the Mirror (Superstar Patches - Michael Jackson)
Tower Brass
Mini Pluck Solo
Guess Clavinet
Hybrid Piano
Soft Poly Brass (Superstar Patches - Toto)
Africa Solo (Superstar Patches - Toto)
Falling Orchestra
Amoruso Rhodes (Superstar Patches - Pino Daniele)
Acid Synth Clav
Our Old Friend
Octave Brass
Marimba Steel
FreeFall Split
Phased Trem Pad
New Latin Piano
Dco Dry Synth Clav
Italian Stab
Meditation Pad
Wake Me SuperSaw (Superstar Patches - Avicii)
Borealis Piano
Old School Mini
Dco Synth Piano
Shake me Brass
Rising Star Pad
Chicago Brass
Froggy Clavinet
Arcadia Sweep
BlackMagicWoman (Superstar Patches - Santana)
Detroit Clav
Lunar Rhodes
Choir Strings
Klock Organ
Dco Piano 3
Glider Arp Pad
Bubble Pizz
Egyptology (Superstar Patches - Toto)
Romantic Layer
Magic Flange Pad
Peruvian Time
Real Strings
Wurly and Friend

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