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APL014 - Real B3 Organ - Yamaha MONTAGE / M

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"Real B3 Organ" for Yamaha MONTAGE / M is a collection of classic rock, blues, gospel and jazz organ sounds. All the notes have been accurately sampled over the range of the Hammond B3 organ for full and real organ sound. The sound bank contains: 

- Total of 16 presets
- 13 presets with effects
- 3 presets to be used with an external pedal effect (rotary simulator o Leslie cabinet) + scenes for switching drawbars settings
- 1 Live Set
- 167 Mb of sample data

Controls :

- Assign SW 1 for Chorus ON/OFF

- Assign SW 2 for Organ click ON/OFF (some sounds are only available with click always ON)

- MOD WHEEL for rotary speed control

- Super Knob for adding more distortion


Patches List:

Slow Blues B3
Soft B3
Reggae B3
Drawbars Control B3
Basic Jazzy B3
Groove Holmes B3
Erroll Garner SPLIT
MULTI Jazz B3 NO EFF( without effects)
Basic Rock B3
Basic Rock B3 v2
Bright Drive B3
MULTI Rock B3 NO EFF( without effects)
Basic Gospel B3
All Drawbars B3
MULTI Gospel B3 NO EFF( without effects)

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