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APL013 - DX7 Mania Soundpack - Yamaha MONTAGE / M

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Synthcloud presents the new soundpack "DX7 Mania" for Yamaha  MONTAGE / M. The best original and custom Yamaha DX7 and DX7ii FD patches have been converted into the YAMAHA MONTAGE / M format. Wonderful sounds from electro pianos, clavinets to FM pads and Synth brass with reverb-like effects, chorus and added layers bring us back to the magnificent 80's.
Only FM synthesis and internal samples have been used... 30 new sounds.


Patches List:

- FullTines+Soft Pad
- DX7 Ballad+Strings
- DX7 E.Piano+Strings
- Brt. Rhodes+Pad
- Dyno EP
- E.Piano 1
- Galaxy DX
- Mellow DX7
- Organ B3
- E. Organ 4
- Hammond 6
- E.Organ 10
- Funky Clav
- DX7ii ClaviPluck
- Stringy Clav
- Wurlitzer
- DX7ii Marimba
- VibraPhone
- DX7ii Chimin
- DX7 Bells
- Big Pad
- Synth Strings
- Analog Pad
- Soft Pad
- DX7ii Bass
- DX7ii Solid Bass
- DX7ii Super Bass
- Synth Brass
- Hard Synth
- Hard Synth 2

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