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ADL006 - Monolith - Behringer Pro-1

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This is a unique collection for Behringer Pro-1 users that allows you to expand your musical horizons. This collection is a comprehensive bank of various kind of sounds such as basses, arpeggio pattern sounds, analog synth leads and various sounds. Very useful for music production and inspiration... 25 new sounds !

Patches List:
1) The Sentinel
2) Discovery-1
3) Ganimede
4) Tycho
5) Starchild
6) Chandra
7) Encounter In The Dawn
8) Stanley
9) Poole
10) Pico Vault
11) Barsoom Project
12) TMA-1
13) Halman
14) Callisto
15) Firstborn
16) Giapeto
17) Clarke
18) Leonov
19) AE-35
20) Tsien
21) Bowman
22) HAL 9000
23) Floyd
24) Athena
25) Halley

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