ADL005 - Absentia - Korg Wavestate / Native

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This soundpack includes a selection of atmospheric pads, deep and evolving soundscapes, brass, massive leads, powerful basses, arps, plucks and polysynth sounds for film scoring, electronic music, sound design and much more. 15 new sounds suitable for Cinematic, Synthwave, Electropop, EDM, retrowave, French house, synth pop, rock and so on.


Patches List:

1- Absentia
2- Inter sidera
3- Fiat lux
4- Gloria victis
5- Extrema ratio
6- Sic transit gloria mundi
7- E pluribus unum
8- Perfer et obdura
9- Ex aequo et bono
10- Fluctuat nec mergitur
11- Non erat hic locus
12- Tertium non datur
13- Deus vult
14- Repetita iuvant
15- Unus sed leo

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