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LFO037 - Cinematic & Vintage Soundset - OsTIrus ( 115 presets )
LFO037 - Cinematic & Vintage Soundset - OsTIrus ( 115 presets )
LFO037 - Cinematic & Vintage Soundset - OsTIrus ( 115 presets )
LFO037 - Cinematic & Vintage Soundset - OsTIrus ( 115 presets )
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LFO037 - Cinematic & Vintage Soundset - OsTIrus ( 115 presets )

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Cinematic & Vintage Soundset - OsTIrus ( 115 presets ) - Description

The Future Is Now!
Finally famous Motorola DSP56300 emulated in computer!

The Virus B,C,TI,SNOW, Waldorf Micro Q and other famous synths were made with this baby in heart.
Introducing OsTIrus & Osirus - two VST plugins with 100% full emulation of all Access Virus Synthesizers on your MAC & PC for FREE!

Please support developers here: https://dsp56300.wordpress.com/ostirus-downloads/

This pack contains all installation files & instruction & original OS from Access website to install & Enjoy Virus Universe wherever you are!

Cinematic & Vintage Soundset contains 115 organic presets for both plugins!
All sounds of soundset bpm syncable & modulation wheel approved.

Powerful unison basses, stunning mono & poly leads, sharp plucks, dynamic & wide arps, deep & realistic strings. Great for soundtrack atmosphere, synth-pop & retro wave music, dance floor music.

Cinematic amp Vintage Soundset OsTIrus



Patches list:

Grandur NK
Charisma NK
2049 UK
Faded NK
Rich NK
DarKnight NK
Prophet NK
Cinematic NK
Arpulus NK
Future NK
Drops NK
Carbon NK
Venera NK
Drift NK
Silver NK
70S NK
80S NK
Beauity NK
Sparks NK
Teller NK
Stones NK
Harper NK
Masical NK
Squares NK
Amphibos NK
Tyros NK
Joy NK
Metallic NK
JX Poly NK
Arctic NK
Heavenly NK
Action NK
Netflix NK
AgeCut NK
Cosmos NK
Rhytmos NK
Morph NK
Field NK
Flashes NK
Gladiator NK
Martian NK
Wider NK
Access NK
Red NK
Junatic NK
Lishts NK
Mood NK
Drop NK
Yellow NK
Youth NK
Alpha NK
O’Lead NK
UniBass NK
Destiny NK
Plucked NK
Prophet NK
Stack NK
Moving NK
Synchro NK
Equator NK
Expert NK
Avalon NK
Juno NK
JU 60 NK
Saturn NK
March NK
Plug NK
Drift NK
Poly6 NK
Prophet NK
Elegant NK
Opening NK
Dust NK
Morphi NK
Massive NK
Groovin NK
Sync24 NK
Classic NK
Times NK
St 1983 NK
Bui Bui NK
Acidia NK
Smooth NK
Runner NK
Sweet NK
Flyin NK
Angry NK
Stack NK
Shaper NK
Flash NK
2049 NK
Roto NK
Member NK
NanoPd NK
JP8000 NK
Messiah NK
Destiny NK
Stab NK
Triple NK
StarPd NK
sub NK
Purple NK
Power NK
Dream NK
P5unch NK
Pun5h NK
5unch NK
Power NK
Shorty NK


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