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ADL022 - Ultimate Kick - Samples Pack ( 300 kick samples )
ADL022 - Ultimate Kick - Samples Pack ( 300 kick samples )
ADL022 - Ultimate Kick - Samples Pack ( 300 kick samples )
ADL022 - Ultimate Kick - Samples Pack ( 300 kick samples )
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ADL022 - Ultimate Kick - Samples Pack ( 300 kick samples )

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Ultimate Kick - Samples Pack ( 300 kick samples ) - Description

Unleash the Foundation: The Ultimate Kick - A Roland TR-808 & TR-909 Sample Exploration

Immerse yourself in the sonic bedrock of electronic music with The Ultimate Kick, a meticulously curated sample pack featuring the legendary Roland TR-808 and TR-909 kicks. These titans of rhythm have indelibly shaped genres like hip-hop, techno, and house, forming the percussive backbone of countless chart-topping anthems.


A Legacy in Every Kick

The Roland TR-808, released in 1980, was a commercial disappointment upon arrival. However, its deep, punchy kick drum, crafted with a unique blend of analog synthesis and digital sampling, resonated with a new generation of music makers. Artists like Afrika Bambaataa and J Dilla pioneered its use, weaving the now-iconic 808 kick into the fabric of hip-hop.


The Evolution of a Sound

The TR-909, introduced in 1984, offered a more nuanced and versatile kick compared to its predecessor. Its distinct attack and tighter low-end found favor in the burgeoning house and techno scenes. Pioneering producers like Juan Atkins and Frankie Knuckles utilized the TR-909's kick to propel these genres forward, forever altering the sonic landscape of electronic music.


Beyond the Classics

The Ultimate Kick isn't just a history lesson. This comprehensive sample pack delves deeper, offering meticulously processed and modern variations on these timeless sounds. Expect a spectrum of kicks, from the raw, unadulterated thump of the vintage machines to contemporary, sculpted versions designed to push the boundaries of modern production.

Ultimate Kick Samples Pack

Product Details:

- 300 kick samples
- Carefully recorded in 48 kHz and 32-Bit WAV files
- Multisamples with all the nuances of the TR-808 and TR-909 kicks
- Full control of the sounds with different tone amounts, decay times, attack times
- 100% Royalty-free

Roland ® is a registered trademark of Roland Corporation which owns all rights on it. The use of the registered mark here is only indicative of the type of instruments our product is intended for


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