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SCL285 - Bass for Spacesynth Vol.1 - U-HE Diva

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These are 100 presets inspired by music in the styles of Spacesynth, Synthwave Italo Disco, projects such as Laserdance, Koto and other electronic projects of the 80s.
These sounds are very well suited to play sixteenth notes, eg for bass.
Some presets played filter using modulation wheel and velocity.
There are 20 sweep sounds.
These presets can be used in modern club music.
BS Spacesynth - 40 presets
BS Spacesynth (MW Filter) - 18 presets
BS Spacesynth (Velocity Filter) - 11 presets
BS Spacesynth (Sweep Up) - 20 presets
BS Spacesynth (Pad, MW Filter) - 10 presets


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