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OTL020 - Space Explorations - Kilohearts Phase Plant ( 50 presets )
OTL020 - Space Explorations - Kilohearts Phase Plant ( 50 presets )
OTL020 - Space Explorations - Kilohearts Phase Plant ( 50 presets )
OTL020 - Space Explorations - Kilohearts Phase Plant ( 50 presets )
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OTL020 - Space Explorations - Kilohearts Phase Plant ( 50 presets )

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Phaseplant is an impressive next-gen software synthesizer with classical subtractive synthesis, wavetables, sample player and granular algorithm on board! It allows you to connect an unlimited number of modules together quickly and conveniently, and also includes advanced effects chains, making sound design incredibly fun.

In this soundbank, LFO Store’s sound designer, Otto K. Schwarz, made the most of PhasePlant's potential by creating an exclusive 50 multi-layered presets, each with its own unique modulation features. Here you will find atmospheric pads, bright plucks, exciting cosmic leads, powerful sequences, and even more. These sounds are perfect for different styles of electronic music, as well as for scoring soundtracks. 

Each preset is modwheel - assigned and has 4 to 8 additional modulation knobs - this allows you to modulate and customize the sounds to the needs of your own musical works. Each preset is accompanied by a philosophical quote for inspiration. Explore the capabilities of the Phase Plant synthesizer and let your musical compositions reach a new quality level!

In this soundset you will find 50 presets. All presets are royalty-free !

This package is consist of 5 Atmospheres, 10 Keys, 13 Leads, 17 Pads & 5 Sequences.

Patches List:
ATM Calmness.phaseplant
ATM Constellation.phaseplant
ATM Microscopic.phaseplant
ATM Nebula.phaseplant
ATM Zodiac Sign.phaseplant
KE Ambient Piano.phaseplant
KE Aphelion.phaseplant
KE Apogee.phaseplant
KE Ephermeris.phaseplant
KE Lucid Dreaming.phaseplant
KE Magnitude.phaseplant
KE Memories.phaseplant
KE Milky Way.phaseplant
KE Orbiting.phaseplant
KE String Theory.phaseplant
LD Bladerunner.phaseplant
LD Comets.phaseplant
LD Cosmic Brass.phaseplant
LD Cyber Security.phaseplant
LD Electrosphere.phaseplant
LD Fury.phaseplant
LD Gravity.phaseplant
LD Guitarnaut.phaseplant
LD Imaginary Flute.phaseplant
LD Space Cat.phaseplant
LD Space Voice.phaseplant
LD Zenith.phaseplant
PD Aerial Journey.phaseplant
PD Beauty.phaseplant
PD Catharsis.phaseplant
PD Celestial.phaseplant
PD Centaurius.phaseplant
PD Crystalscape.phaseplant
PD Equinox.phaseplant
PD Insights.phaseplant
PD Meditation.phaseplant
PD Movements.phaseplant
PD Observer's Horizon.phaseplant
PD Planisphere.phaseplant
PD Pleroma.phaseplant
PD Refractor.phaseplant
PD Satellite.phaseplant
PD Space Odyssey.phaseplant
PD Ursae Majoris.phaseplant
SQ City Lights.phaseplant
SQ Moonwalk.phaseplant
SQ Quantum Particles.phaseplant
SQ Spacestation.phaseplant
SQ Steampunk.phaseplant

Kilohearts ® is a registered trademark of Kilohearts which owns all rights on it. The use of the registered mark here is only indicative of the type of instruments our product is intended for


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