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LFO163 - Synth Rig - Zoom MS-70CDR

€15,00 €19,00

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LFO.Store proudly presents long awaited set of presets for one of the most popular budget pedals
- Zoom MS-70CDR!

Working only with 70CDR model!

This blue beauity is a hit of sales in our shop & we recieved lot of feedbacks & tasks from you!

So we made the second set!

In this time we put our focus on presets adapted for Synthesizers so welcome to the "Synth Rig" Soundset with newly handcrafted 50 presets!

Soundset splitted on:

*Set of different delays - modern, vintage,lo-fi,pattern,combo
*Set of modulation fx - different choruses,flangers & detunes
*Set of reverbs & spaces - clean, big, cave, plate, mangled,combo
*Set of unique & combo effects with all kinds you can imagine.

Easy loading (instructions are included)
All synced fx are fixed to 120 BPM but you can easily change BPM using grey metal button on the pedal.

Suited for all modern genres of electronic music: retrowave, ambient, trance, house, classic electronica, downtempo.