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Yamaha PLG150-PF expansion card

The PLG150-PF is a single part plug-in
board. It contains 136 preset Voices and is a part
of the Modular Synthesis Plug-in System. The
board has 16 megabytes of new sampled data
and offers the highest quality Voices available.
The samples here were specifically selected and
painstakingly matched to work in these Voices.
(Please make sure you have loaded the special
Voice data into memory when you are
auditioning this board).
PLG150 series boards can be used in Modular
Synthesis Plug-in System products like the
S30/S80 and CS6 synthesizers and can also be
used in certain XG system products like the
SW1000XG/p and the MU128 and above series of
tone modules. When referring to the manual
always look for the type of product being
described. If you have an S30/S80/CS6 only
refer to sections on the Modular Synthesis
Included with your S/CS synthesizer was a CDROM
with XGworks Lite v3.0 Music Sequencing
Software. A special software plug-in module for
XGworks, called “PF EASY EDITOR”, is included
on the diskette that comes with the PLG150-PF.
It can be used to customize some of the PF
settings (actually offsets to the stored data).
Edits made with the PF Easy Editor can be stored
separately or inserted into song data to automate
sound changes.