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Record high-quality audio that sounds exactly as it does when it is live, thanks to the Tascam DP-01 digital recorder, a valuable addition to any set of recording gear. This 8-track Digital Portastudio from industry leader Tascam brings hard disk recording to musicians and performers who may have a limited budget, especially for those just starting out who can’t yet afford to build an extensive and pricey set of recording gear. This user-friendly, professional-grade digital stereo recorder makes recording accessible and affordable, so that musicians at all levels can create polished, crystal-clear music products that sound authentic, natural, and lifelike. This versatile digital recorder grows along with you, so that as your band expands with more members or more instruments, you can continue to use the same digital recorder without having to invest in additional recorders or more expensive recording gear. The Tascam DP-01 can record two tracks at once and a total of eight uncompressed audio tracks per song. You’ll also get peace of mind with the Tascam DP-01 digital recorder, because it automatically backs up your recordings onto the built-in hard drive, so you never have to worry about all of your hard work being lost before you even leave the recording studio. The hard drive stores up to 60 8-track .