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SKL002 - Gothic Room - Yamaha MONTAGE / M ( 34 presets )
SKL002 - Gothic Room - Yamaha MONTAGE / M ( 34 presets )
SKL002 - Gothic Room - Yamaha MONTAGE / M ( 34 presets )
SKL002 - Gothic Room - Yamaha MONTAGE / M ( 34 presets )
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SKL002 - Gothic Room - Yamaha MONTAGE / M ( 34 presets )

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Added by Stefkeys

This collection is inspired by the gothic and black metal sounds from the nineties to today, in particular by bands such as Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Satyricon, Rammstein, Stratovarius and many other artists. Patches were programmed so that one can reproduce songs by those band as well as self composed melodies.
Choirs, string and brass sections, bells, pianos, samples and everything is needed in order to recreate the dark atmospheres which gave fame to several bands in the world musical scene.

Programmed and performed by Stef Angiulli for Yamaha MONTAGE / M.


Patches List:

Saffron's Bells
Inspired by "Saffron's curse" CoF song.

Malice patch / Malice strings
A couple of sounds by means of which one can reproduce "Malice throught the looking glass"; winds, strings, choirs and gong !!!

From the cradle bell
First patch inspired by Cradle of Filth and in particular by the sounds of the first track of their EP with the same name, "From the cradle to enslave".

Her piano in the fog
Combination of piano and strings you may use to reproduce songs like "Her ghost in the fog".

Hallowed by thy name
The sounds to reproduce the Iron Maiden's masterpiece revisited by the English band.

A gothic romance
A complex sound to be used to reproduce the masterpiece "A gothic romance", with samples.

Dark Medieval patch / Mother live
Sounds inspired by two Satyricon's masterpieces.

Nymphetamine patch
A sound from the new course of CoF will let you reproduce songs like "Nymphetamine".

Achingly patch
Inspired by the intro of "Achingly beautiful" by Cradle of Filth.

Patch will tear us
Nice patch to reproduce the vintage sound by Joy Division.

Lullaby Strings
Combination of pizzicato and strings you may use to reproduce the song by The cure.

Black Diamond patch
Harp and choir on scenes to reproduce the masterpiece by Stratovarius.

Filth Pipes & Choir
A powerful and aggressive organ sound; typical black metal instrument.

Abortion patches
Inspired by the intro of "Lord Abortion" from "Midian".

Death's patches
Combi of piano and string on scenes, typical of sound from early Dimmu Borgir.

Spellbound choir
Another sound inspired by Dimmu Borgir.

Bodom's hits
Hits sound useful to play some Children of Bodom riffs.

This road CoB lead
Lead sound to cover "This road" song.

Nightmare CoB bells
Another sound to play a Children of Bodom song.

Howling strings
Strings with tremolo inspired by Cradle of filth.

Walking dist piano
Nice distorted piano useful to play "Walking in my shoes" by Depeche Mode.

Ich tu dir weh intro
Inspired by Rammstein song.

Mein Teil intro
Sample and choir to reproduce the live version of the song.

Beautiful Placebo
A great combination with scene, from the last Placebo song.

Years go by piano
Two scenes to reproduce the ballad by Stratovarius.

Auslander lead
Great lead with scenes for a great industrial song!

Burzum pluck
From the darkest sounds: a pluck used by Burzum.

Halloween patch
A complex combination to reproduce the soundtrack by Carpenter.

Destiny choir patch
Sample and choir on scenes to reproduce the masterpiece by Stratovarius.

Winter Strato patch
A complex combination to reproduce the song by Stratovarius.

The DT's Nightmare
Two scenes to perfectly reproduce "A nightmare to remember" by Dream Theater.

Gothic patch
Three scenes commonly used by the gothic bands who inspired this pack, may be used to reproduce several songs.

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