SCL178 - Classic Synth - Arturia VST

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Classic Synth is a collection designed by Alberto Trullu for Synthcloud. This is a huge collection made using  Arturia Vst JUP-8 V (Jupiter) and MINI V (Moog).
The bank contains 17 new sounds: classic and experimental leads, complex pads, percussive synths and bass.

Patches List:
JUP-8 V:
80 ARP
Another day in paradise synth
Another Day in paradise Pad
Duck Synth bass
Glide Lead
Great Rezo
I want to break free pad intro
Octavarium Modular Lead
Radio gaga bass

Mini V:
Aragon Pad
Enola gay Synth
Halloween Horror synth
Impressioni settembre Lead
Octavarium Rudess
Take on me Synth
Wakeman Synth Bass rezo
Scarface Pad intro


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