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SCL010 - C.O.B. Covers + Power / Progressive Pack - KORG M3 / M50 / Krome / Krome Ex

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Added by Alex Parker

This bundle pack is dedicated to all lovers of powerful sound of Children of Bodom, Sonata Artica and the greatest power metal keyboard player like Pinnella, Wirman, Johansson...

35 new patches programmed by Alex Parker.


A great bundle pack composed by:

1) C.O.B. Covers: a necessary collection of the most used sounds by Janne Wirman ( Children of Bodom ) during the live set with the historical Nordic band.

Program E
WarmeN Lead
C.O.B. Hit
C.O.B. Strings Ens
C.O.B. Bells
C.O.B. Harp
Battle Strings Stereo
Combi D
livin dead beat
janne vs alexi

2) Power/Progressive: 27 sounds (lead, pad, choir, strings...) inspired by most famous power metal bands like Stratovarius, Symphony X, Sonata Artica and many others...

Prog E - Combi D
Tallulah piano
Fullmoon piano
Caleb piano
stereo grand piano
Neoclassic Harpsi
Infinity pad
Land of the free
Hammond Rock
Don`t Say Bells
Destruction Lead
Ecliptica/vintage ld
Mikko Lead
Jens Lead
Henkka/Pinella lead
Slow Strings
Fast Strings
Strigs + Lead
Lead + Choir
Atmosphere e.piano
False News pad
Sake of Revenge
Metropolis pad
Floyd Pad
Feedback lead
New Wha Lead

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