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OTL056 - Hollywood Soundset - Korg Wavestate / mkII / Se / Native ( 40 performances )

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We all grew up watching great Hollywood movies, and one of the key features that always made a deep impression was the soundtracks to these films. How many amazing composers have the film era produced! And all these insightful violins, powerful trumpets, mysterious harps, piercing piano sounds...
Based on our own experience of scoring films, animation and video games, our team has created hybrid multi-layered orchestral sounds that will allow you to perform the high-quality production using one of the greatest synthesizers of our time, Korg Wavestate / mkII / Se / Native.
These 40 exclusive performances were created by the well-known sound designer, Otto K. Schwarz, and his team. Each preset has modwheel and X/Y pad assigned, which allows you to deeply modulate and customize the sounds to the needs of your own musical works. These presets are suitable for both studio work and live performances.
We wish you a wonderful journey through cinematic soundscapes and inspiration in creating world-class musical compositions !


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