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The original MOTU 828, launched in 2001 and reviewed in SOS July 2001, has proved to be an incredibly popular Firewire audio interface for both Mac and PC users wanting multiple channels of analogue and digital I/O. It has now been superseded by the more sophisticated 828 MkII, which brings with it 24-bit, 96kHz recording capability, improved connectivity and hardware metering. As before, MOTU's Mac-only Audiodesk multitrack recording software is bundled with the interface, and offers a multitrack recording and processing environment not dissimilar to the audio side of Digital Performer.

You also get the Cuemix utility, which can set up the mixer for computer-controlled or stand-alone operation, and this has evolved to include some original features added since the manual was written, so you need to download the latest PDF files to find out how these work. Perhaps most important is the addition of control surface support for devices such as Mackie Control, though Talkback and Listenback have been also been added, which is welcome news for anyone operating a separate control room and studio.