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LFO014 - Ambika - Korg Minilogue ( 85 presets )
LFO014 - Ambika - Korg Minilogue ( 85 presets )
LFO014 - Ambika - Korg Minilogue ( 85 presets )
LFO014 - Ambika - Korg Minilogue ( 85 presets )
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LFO014 - Ambika - Korg Minilogue ( 85 presets )

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Ambika is a combination or collaboration between hardware & software tech. The Lushest sounds for Minilogue combined with deepest fx of Supermassive wonderful free of charge effect by Valhalla DSP.

We love Korg with all our heart as well as Valhalla DSP Virtual Fx. We used a lot Valhalla effects in our past presentations & answered countless messages – what kind of vst fx you are using to process hardware?

We are thinking that Supermassive is the best one for any hardware synth & its totally free one, thanks to Valhalla. Minilogue really lucks lushness in tone – a good chorus effect & deep reverb for cosmic pads & soundscapes.

Inside of Supermassive you will find silk choruses, ensembles & deepest reverbs (period) and this duo work really great together – giving you incredible lush & deep sounds for your Original Minilogue Synthesizer

We made 18 Presets for you with our own settings of Supermassive Fx.

And combined them with our best presets for Minilogue via DAW – Cubase, Logic, Ableton or any other one which supports VSTi format.

And we made Ambika – with 85 sounds you need for production of Ambient, Soundtrack, Electronica & Dance Music with integration in every modern genre.

Recreation of famous: CS-80, Jupiter, Oberheim Sounds

Special one Modulars working with sequencer as a mod source.

Full instructions are inside the pack.

Very easy to install & work – you will need DAW + audio interface & 2 jack cables.

Made by Nick Klimenko aka Chronos, a creator of “Organica” for Waldorf Blofeld & “WS Universe” for Korg Wavestation.


The Deepest Pads & Strings
Beautiful Polyphonic Sounds
Organic Plucks
Heaven Arps


Patches List:
NK Welcome
NK Relict
NK Circle
NK RawWave
NK CSBrass
NK SloPad
NK Soft S
NK Soft Pad
NK StringOne
NK JXCIassic
NK Modulars
NK Massive
NK Mirror
NK Tonal?
NK Jup6ter
NK Destiny
NK Beautiful
NK Clepsydra
NK Cosmo
NK 2TheStars
NK Stellar
NK Nature
NK Universal
NK Astronaut
NK Cobalt
NK A Tree
NK Oculus
NK Creature
NK CableSeql
NK CableSeq2
NL LeafPad
NK Mysterica
NK CS-80
NK Autumn
NK Prophets
NK BlueSky
NK Morpho
NK Steps
NK Adrift
NK Member
NK Vintage
NK Dusty
NK Rocks
NK OB-12
NK Signals
NK Rings
NK Sphere
NK Abyss
NK DriftPI
NK Kintauru
NK Minotauru
NK Sharper
NK HydraPad
NK SpacePI
NK GreenPad
NK DustyPad
NK TimePad
NK WirePad
NK RedPluck
NK Expressiv
NK Rada
NK Orbita
NK Kwartz
NK Cinematic
NK Cable Seq
NK Frontier
NK Ramp Look
NK Teller
NK RaTri
NK Hypnosis
NK A Story
NK Contact
NK Krotos
NK Mystery
NK Dusty
NK Neptune
NK Seismic
NK Serenade
NK Synchro

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