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LDX302 - Fantom 16 Sounds - Making History Vol.2 - Zenology Pro

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Added by Leadsounds

16 new patches for Zenology Pro by Roland®. 16 Sounds - Making History Vol.2 features patches inspired by some of the most important songs through 80's and 90's. 
The sounds are implemented by features that you can activate in the indicated ways. Enjoy this extraordinary collection full of hits !
Patched and performed by Alberto Trullu for Leadsounds.


Patches List:

-Live to tell (press play on sequencer for drum)

-Stranger Things (press play for bass loop, C2 for intro sample)

-Franklin goes Hollywood “Relax” intro press play for hit hat loop

-Danger Zone intro (press play for guitar and drum intro)

-80 Synth Poly (inspired from 70/80 synth brass deep pad)

-Lemon Tree (pizzicato performance)

-WAR (inspired by Rocky soundtrack by Vince di Cola)

-WAR End (some synth brass performance for ending song)

-Over the edge Pizzicato (pizzicato part by Jordan Rudes - Over the Edge Song)

-Miles Children (Children Intro, by Robert Miles: press play for drum)

-Take on me (press play for drum, change on layer 2 for second part)

-Home of the brave (intro inspired by Toto song)

-Sweet dreams (press play for drums, c2 for deep tom)

-Maniac (press play for drums, c2 and d2 for sample percussion)

-Owner of a lonely heart (c2 hit, press play for drums)

-Celtic Time (harp cello and choirs for Celtic theme)

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