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LDX222 - 80s Cover Pack - Korg Kronos Series

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SKU: LDX222-kronos

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24 new sounds for Korg Kronos, the most famous keyboard sounds in music history. Programmed by Fabio Piras for Leadsounds.



Patches List: Combi U - G / Program U - G    U - GG / Setlist 001
00: Walk of Life (combi)
01: I just died (combi)
02: Livin’ on a prayer intro (combi)
03: Livin’ on a prayer synth (program)
04: Livin’ on a prayer ritorn. (combi)
05: Sweet dreams (combi)
06: Sweet dreams synth piano strings (combi)
07: Eye in the sky clavinet (program)
08: Eye in the sky (combi)
09: The final countdown (combi)
10: The final countdown pad (program)
11: Take on me intro (program)
12: Take on me 1 (combi)
13: Take on me 2 (combi)
14: Take on me 3 (combi)
15: Another day in paradise (combi)
16: Don’t me (combi)
17: Enola gay (combi)
18: Tom Sawyer (combi)
19: Toto Rock Piano (program)
20: Africa Synth (program)
21: Thriller (program)
22: Jump synth brass (program)
23: Rockit HH (program)
24: Axel F Synth (program)

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