LDX22 - Monster Pack V1 - Korg Trinity / Rack

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A large set of over 50 new patches for your Korg Trinity / Tr-Rack: aggressive leads, organs, dreaming pads and groovy keys make this collection a "must-have" for every musical style...

"This is one of my favourite libraries, maybe because I think Korg Trinity is still the best Korg WS ever made in terms of sound power. This collection is a classic, with almost 100.000 visualizations on Youtube. Always powered by Leadsounds".

Claudio Fusillo, sound designer.

 Patches List:

- Monster Pack V.1 
( Vintage Collection + Ultimate Leads V3 )

Vintage Collection:
Stereo Grand Piano
Piano & Pads
Piano & strings
PNL+SLD String
Psyco Rhodes
Hammy Clone

Ultimate Leads V3
Pig Riff
Jd Groove
Continuum Pads
Analog Stack
Analog Lead
Monster Planet
Monster Lead
Liquid Lead
Liquid Wah
New Wah Lead
Dw8 Lead
Soft Dw8 Lead
Modern Power
Power Lead
Velo Wha Lead
Iron Lead
Fuzz Lead
Fuzz Poly
Wailing lead
Classic Lead
Sitar Riff

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