LDX04 - Piano Pack - Korg MicroX / X50

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Added by Leadsounds 

Extensive, full-quality collection of the best known Pianos and Organs, adapted to Korg MICRO X / X 50 interface, and 3 bonus patches from famous keyboard players.

Patched and performed by Mauro Pacella for Leadsounds.

Patches List:
Cover Key Collection
Acoustic Piano Sw1/Sw2
Attack Piano Sw1/Sw2
Brightest Piano Sw1/Sw2
Haunting Piano
Kurzweil Piano Sw1/Sw2
Rhodes Piano Modwheel
Rock Organ Sw1
Steinway Piano Sw1/Sw2
Wah Organ Modwheel
90´s Piano
Forsaken Piano Intro
Jen´s Harpsichord

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