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MMI011 - Keyboard Solo Lessons V1 - Shredding Techniques

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- KS LESSONS Vol.1 Shredding Techniques ( 60 Min. Video Exercise / Tutorials )

Starting from patch programming, we decided to offer to our customers the possibility to fully understand how to fully exploit their instruments' capabilities by using our sounds.
We will give you the ability of increasing the value of your instruments by following our KS lessons, which are organized in several chapters: Shredding, Layering, Jamming, Approach, Technique, Style...

- Contents:

- Introduction
- Chapter 1 "Correct hands position"
- Chapter 2 "Basic techniques"
- Chapter 3 "Pentatonic scales and blues music"
"Shred demonstration"
- Chapter 4 "Arpeggios"
"Metal solo keyboard perspective"
"Guitar keyboard solo with various techniques"
- Chapter 5 "Additional techniques"
"Gary Moore - Still got the blues"
"Chick Corea - Spain"
"Chick Corea King Cockroach"
"Maze of heaven"
- Chapter 6 "Basic synthesis elements"
- ( Bonus ): Shadows of Steel - Key solo | Music sheet and tutorial

N.B. The demonstration videos are indicative only and serve as a trailer, the course contains exactly what is indicated in the description.