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K27016 - Pianos Pack - Kurzweil K2700

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Pianos Pack is the first Synthcloud collection to pack new acoustic piano sounds for our new Kurzweil K2700 synthsizer. These 25 high quality sounds are endowed with strong character and personality and are diversified according to the most different musical needs, both in terms of sound texture and dynamics.

25 new sounds programmed and performed by Andrea De Paoli.


Sound Banks recommended by KURZWEIL

Patches List:
Piano X Evolving
Piano Sleep
FM Ep Strings
Dream ‘ Piano
FM_Piano Pad
FM Key Pad
Glocken Piano
Calipso Studio
FM SKY PianoBell
Harpsi Heaven
Choral Piano
FM Ice Piano
Saturn Ep
Jupiter Piano
Old Blade Piano
Lou Piano Reed A
Lou Piano Reed B
Fluid Piano
Mars Piano
Cathedral Piano
Concert Moon
Concert Moon 2
Concert Earth

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