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FPL010 - Vintage Leads - Yamaha MODX / MODX+

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SKU: FPL010-modx

Added by Fabio

A really useful library for Yamaha MODX / MODX+ inspired by some of the most famous leads sounds... 32 new Patches !

File Size: About 194 MB



Patches List:
3osc lead
cutoff lead
lucky lead
4th lead
saw osc lead
Distortion 1 lead
4 osc lead
square osc lead
pfm live lead
attack lead
5th lead
Distortion 2 lead
sub osc lead
soft lead
Square & saw lead
feedback lead
Attack 2 lead
filter lead
bass lead
choir lead
vibrato lead
classic lead
detune lead
sub square lead
yes reso lead
keith lead
impressioni lead
mini lead
3 saw lead
9th lead
attack mm lead
5th 2 lead

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