DVK026 - Technicolor Vol.1 - Arturia Pigments

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Technicolor Vol.1 is a fantastic sonic collection of 32 new patches that harness the full potential of Arturia's "Pigments" synthesizer.
The quality of the details is spectacular and each patch can be useful to you in the compositional phases and in your live concerts.
Each sound has been meticulously curated to give you great quality and fantastic sonic impact.

Patches List:

1. Aurora Borealis
2. Awakening in Venice
3. Bugs Bass
4. Burning
5. Children
6. City Town
7. Desolation
8. Doomsday
9. Drops
10. Everest
11. Flowers
12. Fooled Who
13. Free Running
14. Glass Room
15. History Brass
16. Horizon Festival
17. Land of Mordor
18. Metamorfosi
19. Mini Reborn
20. Mini Reborn II
21. Modern Vocalist
22. North Wind
23. On The Road
24. Pigments Strings
25. Radio Bass
26. Save a Prayer
27. Save a Prayer Lead
28. Soul of Tibet
29. Symphony
30. Technicolor
31. Temple Voices
32. Welcome To Show

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