DVK019 - Nord Legendary Synth Expansion 04 - Nord Stage 3

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This new sound pack contains 22,5 mb of new samples that allow you to have in your Nord Stage 3 some wonderful analog and digital synth with the characteristic sound of the most famous synthesizers in history (D50, DX7, Jupiter 8, JX3P, Arp 2600 etc).  All sounds have been carefully programmed to be extremely playable to get a strong sonic impact.
Patched and performed by Davide Puxeddu.


Lead Presets:

Patches List:
1. EXP04 Arp Brass
2. EXP04 Jup Brass 1
3. EXP03 Jup Brass 2
4. EXP03 OB Brass
5. EXP04 Pizzago
6. EXP04 Fantasia
7. EXP04 Heaven
8. EXP04 D50 EPn
9. EXP04 D50 EPn2
10. EXP04 DX Piano
11. EXP04 JX3P Synth
12. EXP04 JX3P 5th
13. EXP04 OB6 Arp
14. EXP04 Bell Synth
15. EXP04 Jup Str Pd

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