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Stand alone sequencer:

The SQD-1 is a classic and easy to use stand-alone sequencer. It has 15,000-note capacity and 2 tracks. Your song is created by bouncing down between these two tracks as you go. Real-time and step recording is available as well as pretty in-depth and precise editing of events. It has a built-in 2.8" disk drive that can store up to 30,000 notes of data.

This unit is in perfect working order. It was recently cleaned, serviced, and tested.

MIDI in, DIN sync in, Tape in, Footx2 (Start/stop, Rec)

MIDI out, DIN sync out, Tape out, Click out.

Synchronization possibilities:
MIDI, Din, Tape FSK.

Secondary data storage:
2.8" Quick Disk.

Memory size:
15,000 notes, 2 tracks.

Physical size:
403mm x 74 x 260, 3.6 kg.

Data generation/modification/recording:
>Step/Real time. Usual editing features include: Copy, insert, delete, blank, erase, punch in/out. Linear, track bouncing (data remembers MIDI channel)