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Main Features:

-37 button keys
-built-in small speaker (thin sounding, mounted in a resonance pot)
-polyphony 4 notes (2 notes during sequencer playback)
-10 preset sounds {flute, bagpipe, clarinet, violin, trumpet, pipe organ, harpsichord, piano, pretty, funny}
-"tone memory" 4 step switch to assign 4 of the preset sounds for quick access
-8 preset rhythms {waltz, march, rock, swing, samba, rhumba, slow rock, metronome}
-sustain button
-volume and "rhythm/ melody balance" sliders
tempo slider
-LCD (displays numbers of preset sound & rhythm and sequencer note numbers)
-semi- analogue sound generator. The digital envelopes (with audible zipper noise) are linear
-percussion consist of shift register noise for snare/ hihat and for the drums squarewave blips those have 3 pitches and 2 lengths. One sound is a long blip layered with noise. All percussion employ digital decay envelopes.
-complex multi- chip hardware:
CPU1= "NEC D910G 011, K2106K" (80 pin SMD),
CPU2= "HD43191A07, 2A 25" (80 pin SMD),
SRAM?= "NEC A19046-140, D444C, Japan" (20 pin DIL), 2x IC "LB1100, 1M3" (20 pin DIL), IC "LB1100, 1M4" (20 pin DIL)
-simple monophonic sequencer (240 notes, editor (insert & delete, rhythm start point), "one key play" to change note duration)
-jacks for AC- adapter, headphone, line out & barcode pen