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ASL001 - Red Giant Library Vol.1 - Nord Stage 4

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SKU: ASL001-ns4

Added by Anthony

Red Giant Library is created for every keyboard player who needs great sound under his fingertips; the library explores about 3 decade of synthesis, plus 8 "Superstar Patches" prepared for specific songs ( see list below ).

"This Nord library is a collection of programs and samples organized in separate bundles" 


Patches List: ( 42 New Patches )
80s Poly SuperSaw
Mushroom 90 Keys
Piano Syn
Funky Revolution
Funk Session
Master Stack
Morpheo Pad
Be or not Be
Analog Osc Poly
ELP Tribute (Superstar Patches - Keith Emerson)
Seven Days (Superstar Patches - Sting)
Giant Bells
Magician Stack
St Micheal Church
Legendary Poly
Complex Stack
Fast Marcato St
Analog Hand
Skinny Strings
Tarkus Taste (Superstar Patches - Keith Emerson)
PowerLayer Saw
Nostalgia Pad
Fernet Organ
Ground ClavyStab (Superstar Patches - Stevie Wonder)
Here I Go Again (Superstar Patches - Abba)
NewAge Wurly Pad
One Solution (Superstar Patches - Queen)
Detuned SynFlute
Full Choir Vox
Perfect PianoPad
Lord in Child (Superstar Patches - Deep Purple)
Stevie Duck
Gospel Strings
GodFather Sicily
Ethnic Mood
Shankar Dreams
Sphere Bells
Acid Filter Solo
Gospel Soprano
Flanger Analog
Head Hunter
In the Mirror (Superstar Patches - Michael Jackson)

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