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The QS6 is an even more affordable version of the QuadraSynth. With 61 velocity and aftertouch sensitive keys, 8MB ROM, Serial port interface (PC and MAC), 64 voice polyphony, and the powerful QuadraSynth Plus synth engine, it sure stands out from the under $1,000 synthesizer market.

Type : Sample playback synthesizer keyboard
Keys: 61 velocity and aftertouch sensitive, synth action.
Polyphony : 64 voices
MIDI Channels : 16
ROM : 8MB, expandable to 16MB using PCMCIA ROM and RAM cards.
Sounds : 512 preset 128 user programs, 400 preset and 100 user mixes, expandable using PCMCIA cards.
Samples : 48kHz Linear samples
General MIDI : GM compatible.
Effects : On board effects, based on the Alesis Q2 FX processor
Drums : Drum kits, rhythm loops
Input / Output : Audio Out L/R, Phones, MIDI IN, OUT/THRU, Serial interface for Mac/PC, PCMCIA card slot
Controls : Pitch wheel, Mod. wheel, assignable control slider, 2 Pedal inputs
Sequencer No on-board sequencer, can play standard MIDI files from PCMCIA expansion card
Other features : Using PCMCIA Flash RAM cards, custom samples and programs can be added.