2x Paired SCHOEPS CMC 6 microphone amplifiers

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Microphone Amplifier CMC for MK Series CapsulesThe microphone amplifiers CMC are not amplifiers in the classical sense. Their task is rather to adapt the signals of the high-impedance condensate capsule for the very low-impedance, balanced transmission through the microphone cable.
The various versions differ in their type of power supply, plug-in connection, amplification and surface, but they all operate with a transformer-free and output-free output stage in the A mode. This results in a small output impedance (high noise immunity), low distortion and low weight.

To select the amplifier type:

With regard to the possible case that the recording device has balanced inputs, but no phantom power supply, it must be taken into account that a 12V phantom power supply is very easy to implement - often also in the device itself by means of the already existing operating voltages. 48V, on the other hand, must be generated in most cases only by a voltage multiplier with a certain circuit complexity. We therefore recommend the CMC 6U. It works equally well at standard 12V as well as 48V phantom power supplies.

If it is absolutely certain that a phantom power supply is always present and that it operates with 48V, the CMC 5U is recommended.

Power supply for capsules of MK series
Power supply by 12V - 48V phantom power
With balanced, especially low-impedance output
For long cable lengths up to 100 m